Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why stay with Host Accommodation?

The Host Accommodation Group has over 80 properties throughout NZ from the top of the North Island to the far reaches of the South Island.

Apart from our very distinctive Yellow Host branding there are many other important features that a Host property has that ensures that all of their guests have a great stay.  Our popular free bonus loyalty programme is a great incentive but as with all incentives it is wouldn't work if there weren't great properties and excellent Hosties.

One very important tool for all Host properties are their reviews on Tripadvisor.  There is a very clear theme that runs through the many Tripadvisor comments. “ Great Customer Service, great Hosts” It is also very common to see comments about how the various motels went the extra mile to ensure that their guests had a great time.  Host Accommodation members pride themselves on their top level of customer service and love meeting guests from all around NZ and the world.

See some of our reviews below and check our more on our website www.hostaccommodation.co.nz .

Feedback is always appreciated and ensures that our Host properties continue to provide top notch service.

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